We may
not be
the best
at any
one thing,
but we are
pretty amazing
at everything.

If it’s soft and it’s in the home, we create it.

And what we create is pretty amazing.
But that’s not what makes us special. At Extreme Linen,
we believe that great work is compelling and effective.

We are a product development and sales company helping companies of all kinds create
and present their products in new and powerful ways. We do this by helping our clients
truly understand and connect with their audiences. Extreme Linen infuses brands with
fresh and innovative perspective, and helps clients develop revolutionary strategies and
personality to help open up new and promising markets, whatever their product may be.

What we do.


• Top of Bed
• Quilts
• Coverlets
• Duvets
• Bedspreasd
• Sheets
• Bath
• Throws & Decorative Pillows
• Mattress Pads & Toppers
• Bed Pillows
• Down Comforters
• Window Curtains
• Home Accents & Dinnerware


• Product Development
• Shipping
• Warehousing
• Facilitate
• Distribution


• Partnership Opportunities
• Awareness Development
• Exposure Outlets
• Advertising Avenues


• Logos
• Sub Brands
• Naming
• Typography & Color Systems
• Custom icons


• Custom Packaging
• Insterts
• Printing & Implementation

Our clients
count on us.

Extreme Linen builds long-term relationships with businesses, clients, or customers, and
helps them evolve their voice and identity through a proven combination of planning,
communication, and collaboration. This invariably produces products that are
noteworthy, successful, and speak to the individuality of each organization.

We are proud to be a part of their success.

Extreme Linen’s clients include:

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